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Hi everybody! Today, I will share my T-shirt online shop "Love & Gorgeous" with you! You can purchase where you live in the world! Yesterday, I posted about the information that my shop opened on my Twitter and Facebook. Then, some items had been sold out, and I am so excited! Thank you so much! I am planning to restock the item. I started the new shop with my family, my son and my sister. The shop is really small, so we made our products in small quantities. However we will give custumers with our love! Anyway, today's picture is about matchy-matchy in the T-shirts!

みなさま、お待たせしました!ついにTシャツのお店、LOVE & GORGEOUSがオープンしました。昨日のTwitterとFacebookの告知後に、たくさんご注文いただき驚きと感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。ありがとうございます♡現在、在庫数が少なくなっておりますが次回入荷は来月頭を予定しています。まだ小さなお店ですので小ロット生産で、一枚一枚、丁寧にお客様にお届けしますね。本日は、LOVE & GORGEOUSのモデルもしてくれているアンジさんとペアルックで撮影してみました。

This year, a few fashion brands have collaborated with Japanese characters. For example, Gucci × Doraemon, Loewe × Totoro. I wish my character will collaborate with fashion brands! This girl with blue hair printed the T-shirt is from my Line sticker. If you are embarrased to wear it when you go out, it is good to wear it instead of pajamas. I can sleep around a lot of hearts wearing it<3 "Love & Gorgeous" is third floor in my illustration building! I hope you love it as much as we love<3

You can pay by PayPal in my shop! I am sorry that you can't pay by credit card except for a Japanese credit card. If you want to know about my shop, please send me email about it!


海外クレジットカードはご使用いただけませんが、PayPal決済が可能になりました! お問い合わせ先

Akiko:Love & Gorgeous T-shirt, A-E-R shorts, Pippi Chic shoes, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, H&H ring, Celine sunglasses
Anji: Love & Gorgeous T-shirt, Uniqlo pants, Adidas sneakers, Saint laurent sunglasses

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  1. I love your outfits style:) greetings from Turkey...

  2. Big Congrats on your cute shop Akiko! So happy for you. You're so talented and so lovely that the world gets to see your talent.

  3. Hello dear Akiko,

    What a lovely surprise! I was curious to know what did you posted about t-shirts since you told me that on my latest blog post and then I find out that the post is all about t-shirts but with your own creations! I am taking a look at Love & Gorgeous and the products look impressive, specially the green t-shirt you're wearing and the one in hot pink with the little illustration on the chest!

    Congratulations on this new project, I'm sure it will grow a lot! I'll be buying something really soon *_____*

    And I would love to collaborate with some characters in my illustrations, like the collaboration between Loewe & Ghibli Studios!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. This matchy matchy outfits look very cool and illustration is so beautiful.

  5. I'm so happy to hear you have opened your own shop Akiko. The t-shirts there are gorgeous! You and Anji look great. You both look like models modelling these wonderful t-shirt.
    P.S. I tried ordering a t-shirt from your shop but the site wouldn't accept my credit card. Can we do it some other way? Maybe I can send you my card details?

    1. Hello Ivana! I am excited to know you visited my shop! I am so sorry that you couldn't pay... I searched about it, then I knew that you can pay by PayPal!
      My shop has a contract with Japanese favorite platform online shop opening service.
      Thank you for teaching me about it, Ivana!

    2. There is something wrong with my credit card, it was rejected at ATM and in other shops today so it is not the problem with your shop but with my credit card. I have to go to the bank tomorrow and see what's wrong. My pay pal doesn't work either.

  6. Such beautiful t-shirts! I love interesting drawings and unusual colors))

  7. The matching Tee is amazing Love your design Cris

  8. Super cool tees... you two are adorable!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  9. Congratulations dear Akiko on launching your own t-shirt shop! The style you guys are wearing is super cute, it will be a perfect piece for summer. Can't wait to see more products in the future! xx


  10. What cute tees! I can see why your designs have been selling out, so cheerful and colourful! Good luck with your shop! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. This post is too cool for school. I LOVE it.

  12. Matching T-shirts! That's awesome! Love the illustration as well as the T-shirt design itself! 💐

    Blog de la Licorne💐

  13. Congratulations on your shop. I'm so happy for you.

  14. OMG I AM LOVING this tee!! I so need to check out your shop and I am producing a shoot and these tees could work I may contact you!

    Allie of


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