Chic And Chunky Loafer From Celine

Hello everybody! How are you? Time flies! I haven't posted on my blog for about two weeks because I gave priority to my Instagram,, Anyway, today's blog is about new shoes with chunky sole!

When I saw these shoes from Celine Aoyama shop last week, they looked very big! I tried them and saw myself, then the shoes were so beautiful on me! It was suprising at the thin form although the soles were wide. The shop assistant recommended smaller size because Celine's leather stretches well. My usual size is 38, but I got 37. After that, I found a good channel for leather shoes, and he recommended a lotion to stretch leather. I ordered it on Amazon. It was so great to strech my shoes, and I went out. However, I got a blister on my feet, and it took a week to get better. I was worried about the end of chunky shoes's trend while I have been stretching the leather, I stretched it again, then I could walk for about an hour. It is so fun to stretch it quickly, and I can also understand men who are really into shoe care. Today's photos were taken when I went out wearing the shoes for the first time. I chose these pants, which are the widest pants in my closet. This knit wear is a makeover. I changed the form twice. My sewing is not good, but it looks so good because the knit material is so great. These small items are black and brown, but I think that vivid colors items are also good! I hope you enjoy making new outfits this autumn, too!!

このセリーヌのローファーは、チャンキーな厚底なのに幅が細くシックなところに惹かれました。私の足のサイズは38。担当さんに、セリーヌの革はよく伸びるので37がいいと勧められてサイズ37にしました。後からお店でも靴伸ばしをしてくれるそうなので安心して家に帰ったのですが、早く伸ばしたくてネットで検索してみました。その中でも、革靴ジャーナルさんの動画が一番わかりやすかったです。 まず、あたって痛い部分に革の柔軟剤を使って伸ばし、しばらく家の中で履いて「もう大丈夫かな」って思ったのですが、街に出たらマメだらけになりました。年齢のせいか、マメが治るまで約1週間かかりました。こんなペースでは自分の足の形になったときには、厚底靴のトレンドが終わってしまう!と焦り、もう一度、柔軟剤を塗り込んで伸ばしてみることにしました。かなり伸びたのでもう少しです。こんな風に革靴を自分の足の形にしていくのがこんなに楽しいなんて!やっと革靴にはまる男性の心理が理解できました。 本日の写真は、このローファーを履いて初めて外に出た時のもの。持っているジーンズの中で一番ワイドなものを合わせて、トップスは2回リメイクしたクロップドニットでコンパクトにまとめました。元が上質なニットドレスだったので、少々いびつなリメイクもトレンディーなデザインに見えるでしょ。小物は黒と茶色で落ち着いた感じにしましたが、バッグやアウターをビビッドカラーにしても合いそうです。それでは、また来週♡

Makeover knit wear, Red Card jeans, Celine shoes, belt, and sunglasses, Kate Spade bag, H&H ring

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  1. That loafers look very cool and I like how you style them. You combine them perfectly.

  2. I love your new chunky shoes. They look fantastic paired with jeans and a black knit. Such a great look. You are always so stylish. You have given me fashion inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such a cool pair of loafers and this whole look is amazing!

  4. This look is a winner. Head to toe. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Your bag is fab too.

  5. You look very stylish! I love your shoes.

  6. have a lovely weekend dear Akiko!

  7. Hello dear Akiko,

    I missed you over here but happy to know you were active on Instagram! It is always nice to catch on your art, looks and trips around Tokyo! I loved these new loafers, they seems so comfortable and yes, I know that leather tends to stretch so it is good that you picked up a small number! I feel that leather has a lot of tricks to be treated in a careful way.... Enjoy this new pair!

    And I love the rest of the look! It feels comfortable enough for a walk around the city but also for a meeting or for a lunch! I have a similar jeans like the ones with the post and you gave me nice ideas on how to style them :)

    Happy weekend!

  8. Always looking so elegant and chic. I love the chunky loafers!



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