Japanese traditional paper shop, Haibara and Department Store, Takashimaya in Nihonbashi

Hello everyone! How are you? It has been getting chilly in Tokyo, and Goro went to the heaven about two weeks ago. It was really hard to care elderly dog, but I had been supported by many kind comments on this blog. Thank you so much, dear, my readers. I hope that you are having a wonderful time with your family. If you don't live with them, I hope that you are having a lovely time feeling them. There is not Goro's body, but I feel like that he gives me a beautiful message whenever I think of him. Thank you, Goro!
My tears don't stop sometimes, but I would love to share today's blog with you. I wore this kimono for work, and I went to Nihonbashi, which is so good with kimono outfits. Kimono is so warm because of layering, and effect of Obi (kimono belt) is similar to corsets. Corsets are one of this trendy items.

I am a big fan of Japanese traditional paper shop, Haibara for a long time, and it was the first time I went to the main store in Nihonbashi. The shop design is amazing and beautiful, and they received the Good Design Award 2016.

This autumn, I have been featured two Japanese magazines. One is a luxurious kimono magazine, Kimono Salon. Another one, is a lifestyle magazine, Croissant. I always wear some same kimono when I was featured, but those outfits show different because of my different ages and locations. It is one of kimono's fascinating.

After shopping, we had a tea time at Fauchon cafe in The Takashimaya shopping center in Nihonbashi. The department store has two buildings. One is new, and another one is very old and beautiful. It was designated as an Important Cultural Property. I enjoyed different era and the atmosphere only in the front of Nihonbashi station. Anyway, the doll's name is Rose-chan!
お買い物の後は、お隣の高島屋の新館にあるフォションでお茶しました。その後、重要文化財に指定された本館の昭和建築を鑑賞。高岡徳太郎が考案したといわれるローズちゃんのお人形は、いつも可愛いらしいです。HPで知ったのですが、高岡徳太郎は高島屋のバラの包装紙のデザインをした三代目なんですね。 日本橋の駅前だけで、江戸と現代〜パリ〜昭和初期を行ったり来たりできる不思議な時空を体験してきました。

Lastly, I would love to explain this kimono outfit. There are chic and elegant madams in Nihonbashi, so I styled like them. It was cloudy, so I chose these light blue obi-jime (obi string) and obi-age (obi scarf) to add the sky color. This Celine bag's color is called "Rice". Goro loved good leather items, and he had bitten Prada shoes a long time ago. For that reason, I bet he loves this bag! See you next time!
着物のコーデについてですが、日本橋の上品な雰囲気に合うように全体をシックにまとめ、控えめな華やかさをお召しの光沢や格調高い有栖川紋様の袋帯で表現しました。この日は曇りでしたので、きれいな水色の帯締めと帯揚げを差し色にしました。 バッグはセリーヌのミニセーズ。カラーの名前はライスっていうんですよ。美味しそうですよね。ふと、ゴローにプラダの靴をかじられたことを思い出しました。このバッグもゴローの大好物に違いありません。 それでは、来月もお楽しみに♡

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  1. Oh I am so sorry about Goro. I know that it is not easy. I had two cats I had to find homes for when I moved to an apartment that did not allow pets. It was awful. Luckily I found a home for both of them through my friend who is a vet. It a way it is worse because you feel like you are abandoning them and have to worry for their future.

    On a happier note LOVE paper stores! How cool to get to visit this one. And HOW COOL to be featured in two magazines congratulations!! Love your look here too and your face blocking illos so cute!

    Allie of

  2. Oh very nice place your outfit is on point, all your photos are very pretty

  3. Sorry about Goro! But I'm sure all the happy memories you two had will remain with you and will always bring you a smile whenever you think of him! Loved this post, seems like your day was filled with much to do! I loved that paper store, although if given the chance I'd buy a few only to collect them and not use them. haha :)

    Have a lovely day! ♥
    XO, Melissa

  4. So sorry about Goro... This post is full of beautiful pics and that paper store is amazing!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  5. So sad about Goro :/ Amazing photos!

  6. I loved this post! The traditional kimono, your fun illustrations, that paper shop... wonderful!

  7. So beautiful. Regine

  8. Hello. I love this post. Thanks for your sharing :)
    I love your blog too. If you want we follow each other. Have a good week :)
    Here my blog;

  9. Hello dear Akiko, I hope you're having a nice autumn season so far and thanks for stopping on my latest decoration blog post.

    Once again and as I told you on Instagram I feel really sorry about Goro, I am sure he is resting in peace right now, don't forget all the good times and memories you lived with him :) I am also happy to see that we saw Goro in many of your posts over here so we will treasure his memory.

    On a happier side, I love to see that you are taking us with you through new places in Tokyo. Seems that cities in autumn have a lot of cultural things to enjoy! I loved your kimono election to explore and how you paired it with this neutral and elegant obi *_*

    Same as you I love paper stores, I have to look for more about the brand you recommended!

    And congratulations for your constant features on magazines! It seems that you are in a lot of places right now :D


  10. So beautiful...you are an inspiration.

  11. Congratulations on your magazine feature! The paper store sounds wonderful.

  12. Akiko BIG congrats on being featured in two magazines. So amazing!
    Hope you're doing great!



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