Monday, November 18, 2019

My First Tapioca Tea And Trench Dress

The other day, I tried tapioca milk tea for the very first time. I would like to explain why I had never drunk it. About 30 years ago, I tasted tapioca milk(not tea!) at a Chinese restaurant, and I didn't like it very much. After that, When I drank a coconuts milk for the first time, I misunderstood and thought that taste of coconuts is similar to tapioca. I misunderstood that tapioca is a seed in a cocoa-nut. Therefor, I had avoided coconuts and tapioca for long time. This time, my son drank a tapioca tea and the drink looked so delicious. I nervously drank it, then I was so moved! It was not the taste of coconuts but milk tea with balls from farina like Mochi!! Anyway, this tapioca tea's color goes well with my outfit, right? I am going to write about my thinking about an outfit with a trench dress from Gvenchy.


This trench dress is from Givency 2017 Spring by Riccardo Tisci that I found at a secondhand shop. The design is very unique, so it was very difficult to think about mixing and matching for me. However I wanted to wear more than last year, so I thought about a new outfit like an important mission. First, I chose three fashion collection's images from one of my my Pinterest board, fall 2019. They are two pictures of Burberry collection by Riccardo Tisci and a picture of Celine collection by Hedi slimane. They fascinated me, but I put up with shopping new items. Next I abstractly saw three pictures. I concentrated the balance of colors and structures. Then, I thougt about a new outfit from my closet. When abstract thinking is difficult for me , I substitute thinking about a new outfit with painting illustrations which I good at. If you are good at cooking, you might want to think about a new outfit like cooking. Mr. Akamine was inspired by Mackerel and teaching how to style on Forza Style channel. It is Japanese channel, but I think you can understand!!

本日のリカルド・ティッシのGIVENCHY最後のコレクションのトレンチドレスは、セカンドハンドのお店で去年見つけました。個性的なお洋服ですので、出番が少ないままあっという間に一年たって、今年はたくさん着てあげたいです。まずはPinterestで作ったボードfall2019の中から、トレンチドレスと印象の近い画像を3枚選びました。同じデザイナーのリカルド・ティッシのBURBERRYから二枚、CELINEから一枚。うっとりと眺めていると全部欲しくなってしまいますので、なるべく抽象的にとらえます。トレンチドレスに何を加えたらイメージに近づけるかを考えました。難しい場合は、自分の得意なことに置き換えてみてください。私の場合は、イラストの色の配分を考える時の脳の使い方を応用しています。もし、お料理が得意でしたら、テーブルコーディネイトやワンプレートなどを考えるときのように頭を使ってみるといいかも。FORZA STYLEの赤峰先生の動画では、鯖からインスピレーションを得て教えてくださっています。今月いちばんおすすめの動画です。

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  1. what a beautiful trench. I love how you styled it. You look so elegant and chic.

    1. Trench dresses can look so elegant when styled right and you certainly styled yours very elegantly. I like how you combined it with a checkered shirt and brown boots. This outfit makes me think of British chic.

      P.S. I have never tried tapioka tea. I wonder what it is like.

  2. What an amazing look, Akiko! I love the autumn colors on you. I love the tapioka puddings they serve in restaurants here but never heard of tapioka tea. I'm on the lookout.

  3. Very beautiful matching and those boots go perfectly...

  4. I forgot to say about the delightful sketch....I love it!

    1. Thank you, Dan!! I am looking forward to seeing next post on your blog!!
      Have a lovely day<3


  5. I never had that kind of tea before, sounds exotic :-) You look gorgeous in this styling dear, perfect color combo :-)

  6. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a fantastic week so far! This is one of the coolest posts I've seen on your blog and I really enjoyed it :)

    First of all I like how you put everything together: the references from the runway, the drawing (it is simple but way TOO COOL *___*) and the styling of your long vest telling us your experience with bubble tea.

    There a lot of bubble tea places here in Barcelona, I like it, specially the one with matcha or coconut :)

    And you were so lucky to find this iconic piece by Givenchy, I still miss the ideas of Ricardo Tisci in this fashion house. I know it could be hard to style it since it has many different colors, but you managed to do a great job :D


  7. I like trench dress trend and your outfit is so amazing. You look so beautiful. Thank you so much for inspiration.

    New Post -

  8. A very stylish look! Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)   

  9. Your trench dress is gorgeous and I would like to try tapioka tea!
    Happy weekend Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. 今日は元気ですか?あなたの週末が涼しく、あなたが幸せになることを願っています。