Sunday, May 31, 2020

DIY Dress

Hi everyone! We need a new summer dress, right? I really love shopping, but I made a DIY dress from a blouse and skirt both made out of the same cloth material that I got them two years ago. I changed from off-shoulders to puff-sleeves of the top, and from flare skirt to tight skirt with slit. DIY from patterns clothes is good for me because they hide my careless sewing.

みなさま、こんにちは。そろそろ夏に向けてサマードレスを新調したい気分になってきませんか?お買い物中毒の私ですが、今年はなんとDYIドレスを作りました。一昨年に流行ったオフショルのセットアップの袖をトレンドのパフスリーブ にして、スカートはスリット入りのロングタイトに。柄物のお洋服は、不器用な私の雑なソーイングが目立たないので助かります。

I am not really start DIY, so I posted a fashion design sketch which I want to DIY. Then I thought, "There is no going back now". Whenever I make a DIY clothe, I am excited fashion illusion! It seems rag as soon as I cut out a clothe with scissors. I am so nervous and I don't want rag, so I hurry up! Unfortunately I often sew inside out. I am shocked when DIY isn't good, and I am so happy when DIY is great. I always feel like that it is illusion. This time, the puff sleeves pattern was download from The Shape Of Fabric. There are many beautiful patterns! You can see today's DIY process on my Pinterest. I am not good with my hands, so I couldn't make an origami Santa when I was a child although every students without me could it. However I am satisfied this DIY dress. Persistence pays off!!

DIYは、いつでもできると思うとなかなかやらないので、今回はインスタで先にデザイン画を投稿して世界中に宣言しました。後に引けないような状況を作って、しっかり時間を確保。お洋服のDIYは、ファッションのイリュージョンを体験できるのも刺激的。どんなお洋服も、ハサミを入れた瞬間にファッションの魔法が解けてあっという間にボロに見えてくるのです。心臓がどきどきして、本当のボロになってしまわないように頑張ってDIYします。気持ちが先走って、よく裏表、天地逆に縫ってしまうんですけど、今回も袖を裏返しで縫ってしまい一回ほどきました。出来上がりはなぜか毎回、袖の大きさが違ってしまうんですけど、それも私らしくていいかなあって思えるようになりました。パフスリーブ のパターンは、The Shape Of Fabricでダウンロードさせていただきました。制作過程は私のPinterestにアップしました。The Shepe Of Fabricには、うっとりするほど素敵な作品と分かりやすいパターンがいっぱい。私は折り紙も苦手で、保育園では一人だけサンタが折れなくて居残りさせられたほど手先が不器用。そんな私にでも、やっと満足できるDIYできましたよ。「継続は力なり」ですね。それではまた来週♡

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  1. Great dress and photos 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. I would never have guessed it's DIY! awesome! I remember the skirt and blouse from your posts from before. I love the print here, so pretty! also the photoset turned out lovely! You look so happy and playful!

  3. The dress looks amazing on you... You totally transformed it.

    Glowyshoe's blog

  4. Changes makes us happy:-) You look stunning in this dress, I love this print!

  5. This is a great DIY project. I like DIY projects too. I love what you have done with this blouse and skirt and how you transformed these pieces into an unique dress. You look fantastic in this look.

  6. That dress look so amazing. I love it so much.

  7. Great job Akiko, what a beautiful dress and lovely pics!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  8. Really pretty dress, I love this pattern 💚💚 Regards!

  9. You've made such a pretty dress! I love the puffy sleeves, so trendy.
    Happy weekend Akiko!

  10. Your DIY work is on par with the brand. You are good at sewing. Your photos are also beautiful. Greetings from me in Indonesia.

  11. That dress is amazing. I like it so much, as well as your photos.

  12. Hey dear Akiko! Hope you're doing good! I was eager to see this post since I've been a little absent this week, your blog posts are so creative and push me to create and keep drawing :)

    Love that this blog post was about the reinterpretation of your dress, definitely the best piece for a sunny spring even tho we're living the pandemic, so staying comfortable but chic is essential to keep up the good mood.

    I love that you mixed the post with your drawings and then told us your experience with DIY, this is of course the best way to add our personal touch to our style :)

    Stay safe!