Trendy, Timeless, And Beautiful Sandals

Hello! I hope you are having a fantastic day! In Tokyo, the rainy season has just begun, and I feel like that my body is like a heavy stone because of raining every day...I tried to declutter sandals in my closet slowly, then I could select beautiful new sandals!


I got flat sandals from Celine. These sandals are trendy, timeless, and beautiful! Unfortunately the sandals made me pain in my leg because those leathers still have been tough. I will share with you whether the sandals become comfortable or not after I wear them a few times. However, I am satisfied with them except for the problem. It is wonderful that some usual outfits turned into new outfits! Particularly the sandals are great with jeans. A few years ago, I found today's Jeans from Muji. It is so comfortable, so I got another one recently. Anyway, I wore this white top last summer, too. I wonder why the silhouette was different than I wore it last year. I finally know the cause when I selected photos for this blog. It was not buttoned on my back. Please be careful on your back, too!


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  1. I love the way you match the header to the post - brilliant and original and so you.

  2. I also have a problem with sandals, they chafe me a lot. That's why I resigned from a fashionable model that consists of thin straps. You look amazing as usual in this styling, very nice top:-)

  3. I absolutely love Celine and the way you have combined the items. I have just discovered your blog and its amazing. I will keep reading your next posts :)
    During summer I enjoy wearing ballerinas and sandals, so I need to check Celine's website, thanks for the recommendation
    Kisses from

  4. Hey Akiko, I hope you're having a lovely week :)

    I didn't know that you have rains during summer in Tokyo, that's kind of unusual here but sometimes I like to get some water to refresh the air from the hot weather!

    Oooh I loved the way you illustrate all those sandals! Seems like the girl in the illustration is having a hard time to pick a pair! I totally understand her haha! I think the Stella McCartney option with plataforms is beautiful *_*

    And I loved the pair you picked from Celine, they make such a beautiful thing! I think the leather will get less hard in a few weeks. You can practice by wearing them just in small distances :)

    Have a lovely week!


  5. I love your sandals and that top is super cute!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. These sandals look amazing and I like how you style them. Your outfit is so chic.

  7. Yay for sandals season and lots of cute summery clothing. I love your illustrations so much Akiko. Love how fashion and bright they are!!! <3 Radi

  8. So many beautiful options, love the illustrations here Akiko! And these Celine sandals are perfection. I like just how versatile and stylish they are. You look great! xx


  9. The sandals are so pretty, and your top is gorgeous! Beautiful illustrations too!

  10. I like these sandals. They seem very light and comfortable.

  11. I like your sandals and also your outfit. You look very beautiful.

  12. beautiful sandals. I agree: absolutely timeless, a product to wear all the time. Too bad it hurts your foot, I hope it will become better in time. If the leather is very stiff, there is a spray product to make it softer. It's called leather softener here, sold at the same place with shoe deodorant, shoe cream etc. If it's still an issue for you, may be you have such product as well

  13. Beautiful sandals and illustration.


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