Sunday, June 14, 2020

My Favorite Exercise And Sporty Outfit This Summer

The rainy season has just begun in Tokyo. I can't take my dog, Goro for a walk, so we exercise at home. Would you like to know about it? It is so easy! We slowly play tag around a dining table. Anyway, today's pictures were took before the rainy season, and I wore yoga wear from Hummel.

Lately, I love yoga in just 10 minutes at home, and usually I do three sets of 10 minutes yoga a day. I do not it when I am tired. I wore Uniqlo cropped t-shirt on the yoga wear, and those sneakers are from Stella McCartney. For a finishing touch I wore pink sunglasses from The Row x Oliver Peoples. I am so happy the acetate flames are perfect in summer! However, I was shocked when I noticed my stomach fat. It is important that I wear tight clothes like the yoga wear to notice change of the body. This time, I pushed my stomach fat into the wear. Yoga wear from great brands makes us look beautiful without exercise, but I need to exercise for mental training. I guess that my stomach fat is the reason for the bad way I sit, so I will try to sit focusing on the point below the navel. Goro's exercise is going up a hill. There are many people wearing different sportswear around the path near my home, and it is so fun to watch the sportswear from trendy to timeless. What is your favorite exercise or sportswear?

最近のお家ヨガは、体を伸ばしたくなった時に好きなポーズを約10分、それを一日数回やるだけ。全くやらない日もあります。この日は、ヨガウェアにユニクロのクロップドTシャツを重ねてスニーカーはステラ。サングラスはThe Row x Oliver Peoplesの新作、アセテートブレームが涼しげでしょ。でも、ヨガウェアからたるんだお肉が飛び出てびっくりしました。時々、体のラインがはっきり出るヨガウェアを着ることはとても大事。今回はお肉と皮をウェアに押し込みました。いいウェアはじゃまなものをきれいにしまってくれて嬉しいです。贅肉の原因は長時間の仙骨座りのせいだと思われますので、丹田を持ち上げるように意識して座るようにしています。五郎はお散歩コースの坂道で筋トレ。近所の緑道にはいろんな人が運動しています。最新のスポーツウェアからタイムレスなものまでをファッションチェックできるのも楽しいです。みなさまのお気に入りのエクササイズやスポーツウェアもよかったら教えてくださいね。それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

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  1. Thanks for your sharing 😊 have a lovely day 😊

  2. Great sporty styling- I like your your yoga pants and the sneakers are beautiful. The t-shirt with Goro inscription and small Goro icon is adorable.
    I like to exercise is leggings and yoga pants too. Sometimes I wear a track suit. I haven't been working out enough in the last few months. I hope to work out more in the summer.

  3. Hello dear Akiko! Hope you're having a great week so far!

    As you I prefer to exercise at home but sometimes I like to go for walks and breath some fresh air. Well and as you I think that a comfortable outfit is crucial when it comes to stretch our body. I think Uniqlo has a lot of amazing garments and the most comfortable sporty outwear, I have a few things from the brand and I'm always seeking at new things at the store :D

    Ooooh and Goro is definitely adorable! I love your t-shirt with the face of Goro on it, super cool!


  4. You;re so pretty and your outfit so chic!

    Thanks for sharing!

    D | Gorgeous Parisian Hijab Style Ideas

  5. I love sporty clothes, nice pics ❤

  6. ah uniqlo, this one of my favourite brand
    I love this shirt

    thanks for sharing

  7. Such cute exercise wear! I really need to try harder to exercise at home - i do a lot of running around with the kids, I count that as my exercise, haha!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

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