The Newest and Simplest Guide Of Ginza In Tokyo

Hello everybody! I hope yuo are doing well! It is almost September, and I always perform my traditional Japanese dance for the Kitazawa Hachiman shrine festival on the first Saturday in September annually. Unfortunately, almost performances are postpned. However, my votive lantern will be hung in a shrine. If you live near the shrine, you can enjoy to see the lantan! Anyway, I am going to post about Ginza in Tokyo on today's blog. I hope you feel like that you go to Ginza with me!


How was the virtual walking in Ginza with me? Is it probably not enough? I ran out of stamina easily in summer, so I din't go to many places. This time, I went to only three places. First, the Kate Spade flagshp shop. Next, the Erizen kimono shop. Lastly, the Japanese Steakhouse restaurant, TEPPANYAKI 10 GINZA in the shopping complex, Ginza Six. It is so great restaurant, and a beautiful man carried a dessert wagon. He looks like a figureskater, Yuzuru Hanyu although I was not sure because he wore a mask. There were only a few people in Ginza Six before the coronavirus situation, and now it is not crowded, too. It is one of my favorite shopping complex! To tell you the truth, I didn't wear this kimono in July and August. This kimono is d suitable for Jun and September. I thought that many people see this blog in September, so I wore this kimono in August. The pattern is similar tone to Kate Spade's patterns. Regretfully, I blended in to the background, and you can see the video here! I drew the simple map in the last picture, and I hope it helps you when you lost your way in Ginza. Google map is here. See you next week!!

昭子と銀座ブラ、楽しんでいただけましたでしょうか。ちょっと物足りなかったですか??夏のおでかけは、体力を消耗しないように欲張らないことにしたんですよ。銀座に行くとのぞいてみたいお店がいっぱいで、つい夢中になって足が痛くなってしまうから。この日は、ケイト・スペード銀座店と、ゑり善さんだけに絞り込んで、ランチはGINZA SIXのTEPPANYAKI 10 GINZAでお肉ランチ。初めて入ったレストランでしたが、とーーーーーっても美味しくて、食後はフィギュアスケートの羽生くんに似た青年がデザートワゴンを持ってきてくれました。GINZA SIXはコロナ前もコロナ後も人が少なくて快適です。着物は、9月に入ってからこの記事をご覧になる方も多いと思いまして、単衣にしました。ろうけつ染めの紫色の草花の模様がケイト・スペードっぽいでしょ。似すぎて、撮影コーナーの背景と同化してしまいました。動画はこちらです。最後の地図は、銀座で道に迷ったらぜひ使ってくださいね。それではまた来週もおたのしみに♡

This kiimono from a traditional Japanese dancermate, Tsubakimono obi (kimono belt), Komatsuya zori (kimono sandals), Kate Spade large bag, Kate Spade mini bag

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I have feeling that I walking around with you and enjoy in Ginza. Architecture is so beautiful and these boutiques look amazing.

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  2. You took us for a really nice stroll through this city. You look gorgeous in that kimono :-)

  3. いつかGINZAに行く機会があったら、是非私のガイドになって頂ければ幸いです。 知るか

  4. Very nice place, and beautiful outfit:)

  5. Thank you so much for taking us with you. It was very interesting.

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  6. I'm so in love with the kimono! What a nice style! <3
    x, Bee

  7. What a lovely city and you are always so chic in yout tipycal kimono dress!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  8. Oooh Akiko! You're my favorite blogger and I love to see how you live fashion and art!

    I've never been to Tokyo, so it was amazing to visit Ginza with you, I've heard it is one of the most busiest and fashionable areas in the city! Want to go and have a window shopping!

    Your kimono is the perfect piece, and I loved how you styled it with that cute blue bag that already saw in your stories!

    Ooooh and the map is so cool! Definitely something that I'd like to spot in a magazine Akiko!


  9. I am sorry they are postponed but it is understandable. And I am glad you are able to get out. It sounds like you got to some great places. And so pretty where you are. And love your OOTD day! Beautiful!!

    Allie of

  10. Your little blue bag is the cutest and it looks like a fun day out! it's nice you were able to go enjoy the shops even though your performance was cancelled!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  11. You look phenomenal in that kimono and your obi is so beautiful. So great you showed us around Ginza. Thank you for sharing.

  12. oh totally love your kimono! it has a very interesting pattern!
    I love to walk virtually in Ginza with you! I remembered that the Ginza six was pretty crowded before.
    Thank you for sharing a trip to Tokyo with us!


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